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Our new revolutionary functionalities


Linked to Online Shop, your members will be able to choose their personal trainer, the place and the date that suits them directly online. You can manage the calendar of events which can be periodic or periodic or one-off events. Your members can make a booking with points, by online payment or by their subscription type. Each online booking automatically gives you access automatically gives access to the assigned room.

digital contract

Online Shop

An access point for customers and your members. They will be able to enjoy your subscription and booking offers online or in the member area. Your future customers will be able to buy or extend their subscription directly from their home.

Digital contract

The age of paper contracts is over! The time for the paper contract is over! Echino's digital contract allows you to gain in simplicity and speed. With a simple signature at your fingertips, your new contract is directly integrated and your customer is ready to take advantage of everything you offer.

digital contract

Marketing campaigns and dynamic filters

Only Echino offers you as many possibilities and precision in your marketing campaign choices thanks to its dynamic filters. Combine an almost infinite number of your criteria’s and send an on the spot campaign via mail, email or SMS.
Receive in real time your campaign statistics and easily find your new clients.

echino filters

Organizational structure and customizable

With Echino, you no longer have any barriers to expand your business. With its multi-site architecture, grow without limits while maintaining a centralization of information and processes.

echino intern structure

Automatization of financial processes

No more repetitive operations and incomprehensible numbers. Echino automates your financial processes and simplifies your work. You have access to all your important accounting data instantly.

echino automatic financial process

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At Echino, we have two fundamental principles when creating software: simplicity and time saving. Our software must be easy to use and intuitive while offering maximum functionalities. We strive to eliminate as much as possible all your repetitive tasks to offer you a powerful management, communication and marketing tool. In addition, we are always listening to our customers for support and advice as well as for innovation about any new features we may add. Any ideas? Feel free to send them to us.