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Stock Management

Intuitive and efficient management of your stock

Echino's stock management allows you to keep an overview of all your merchandise. Prepare your orders, receive them and let Echino update your stock automatically to have an up-to-date inventory. Directly linked to the cash register system, each sale reduces your stock accordingly. Echino allows you to sell items composed of several products and has a proportional impact on your stock. The kanban system informs you of an impending stock shortage and an overview of current orders.

Online sales


Your fitness-center on the internet.

All your services available online quickly and easily. Thanks to our API's, integrate your services on your website. You can thus offer your customers an online sale with payment by credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American express, etc., all automatically integrated into Echino.

Online booking


Your Fitness center on the internet

All your services available online quickly and easily. Thanks to our API's, integrate your services on your website. You can therefore offer your customers the booking of your lessons, the management of your lessons and the payment of online lessons, all automatically integrated into Echino.

Contracts and subscriptions

Management and optimization of your contracts and subscriptions

Create and optimize your own services to manage your customer base to perfection. Determine the price, duration and periodicity of each subscription and each item.
At the time of the sale, you still have the option of customizing the contract to meet the specific needs of each customer.
You have the possibility to renew your subscriptions automatically.
Thanks to Echino's history, you can compare your results year after year and get a quick and accurate overview of your progress.


Automatic client billing with smart payment allocation

Echino directly integrates the invoicing of your customers. You can generate your invoices and payment slips directly from Echino, print them or send them via e-bill. In order to keep your customer invoicing up to date, a simple connection to your bank account allows you to record all transfers from your members. In addition, Echino automatically assigns payments to the oldest open invoices.

Digital contract

Digitalize your contracts for a simplified sales process

Optimize your processing speed when selling your contracts by digitizing all of them on a tablet. Contracts are directly integrated into your database, saving you processing time and paper. In addition, this system allows you to build sales processes to maintain commercial rigor and manage different actions throughout the year. Define an action and automatically find it on all your points of sale


Absence integration with automatic invoice shift.

Echino allows you to manage your members' absences.
In the event of holidays, illness, accident or any other fully customizable reasons, you can decide to adapt the corresponding contract period.

You can even automatically postpone your customers' invoicing, saving you unnecessary costs and reminders.

Member space

A member space directly integrated on your website for a revolutionary way of communicating.

The customer area is a real virtual portal between you and your customers. It integrates easily into your website and gives your members access to different information. Your members will be able to manage their invoicing, consult their attendances, receive information on their current contracts and modify their personal data. This space is fully customizable according to your needs.

Cash register

Offer a quality service thanks to the cash register directly linked to your accounting and supply

In addition to your classes and services, offer your members quality service at the reception desk. All your sales and cash register reports are directly accessible via Echino, no need to move around.
Offer your customers the opportunity to pay their bills directly at the cash register and credit their customer accounts for future purchases. In addition, the cash register system is instantly linked to your stock


Access your data securely, anywhere, anytime, with Echino's online storage.

Client management

Manage your prospects and customers. Access multiple statistics and optimize the management of your centers.

Products, sales, vouchers

The simplified creation and management of your products, discounts and vouchers allows you to offer an optimal service

Additional services

Offer a multitude of additional services available at a glance in all your centres.


The automatic generation of your reminders saves you time and money.

Sponsor and sponsorship

Build customer loyalty and offer many advantages with the partner and sponsorship system.


A modern e-bill service to get rid of paper and save even more.


Easily set up your bookkeeping and export it to your accounting software.


The management of your centres allows you to adapt Echino to your structure and easily find your key figures and documents.


Customize the documents generated by Echino and find them easily according to your search criteria.


The role system allows you to define specific rights according to your staff's tasks.


Easily create and manage your SMS and email campaigns from Echino.


Manage your rooms, courses and staff using the integrated calendar.


More than just a check-in, Echino provides you with attendance and security statistics via access controllers.

One day trail

Offer a trial session to your future members from your centres and website.

Additional content

Add additional information to your data with the additional content system.

Forum and messaging

Your new internal communication tool for your staff throughout your centres.


Create labels and assign them, manually or automatically, to your members allowing you to quickly find them.


Work in parallel on several processes without being slowed down.

Data export

Export your data for your paper archives at any time and with ease.

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