What's new in Echino

We're updating Echino regularly. Check back here to see the latest improvements and newest features.


Echino 1.10.40

Senden Sie alle Ihre Dokumente per E-Mail

Sie können jetzt alle Ihre Dokumente (einschließlich Kundenrechnungen) per E-Mail senden. Sparen Sie Papier und unnötige Kosten und bieten Sie eine neue Methode zur 100% igen Zustellung elektronischer Dokumente.

Bearbeiten Sie Ihre Rechnungsposten

Wenn Sie Rechnungen mit der Methode "Verwaltung" erstellen, können Sie jetzt die Beschreibung bearbeiten. Passen Sie jede Rechnung nach Bedarf an.

Automatische Verwaltung von Duplikaten im digitalen Vertrag

Neue Duplikatverwaltung beim Anlegen durch digitalisierten Vertrag wurde hinzugefügt. Stellen Sie anhand des Vor- und Nachnamens sowie der E-Mail-Adresse sicher, dass Ihre Datenbank nicht verunreinigt wird.

Integration von Milon, eGym und MyWellness

Wir haben unsere verschiedenen Partnerschaften gestärkt und sind jetzt mit den Cloud-Systemen von Milon, eGym und MyWellness kompatibel. Die Konfiguration finden Sie in Ihren Echino-Einstellungen.

Checken Sie mit Digicode ein

Echino hat jetzt die Digicode-Authentifizierung beim Einchecken integriert. Finden Sie die Digicode-Generierungsmaske in den Echino-Einstellungen.

Beeinflussen Sie RFID direkt aus dem digitalen Vertrag und der Integration des neuen Microsoft Surface GO

Beim Erstellen eines Vertrags mit dem digitalisierten Vertrag ist es jetzt möglich, einen RFID-Support direkt zuzuweisen, ohne die Mitgliedskarte durchgehen zu müssen. Kombinieren Sie dies mit dem neuen Microsoft Surface GO, das über einen integrierten RFID-Reader / Writer verfügt, um Ihren Signaturprozess zu optimieren.

Kundenguthaben im Mitgliederbereich verfügbar

Das Kundenguthaben ist jetzt in Ihrem speziellen Mitgliederbereich sichtbar.


Echino 1.9.3

Echino Login

You now have the option to add and manage your Echino users. To do this, simply login to login.echino.com and invite users from your organization. Do not forget to add your users in order to have an optimal use.

Microsoft Store – it's « almost » over

With this version of Echino, we are preparing the exit of the Microsoft Store. This will give us more freedom to update and optimize deployment.

Milon and TechnoGym - Integration with Echino

Following our new partnership with Milon and TechnoGym, you now have the option to link your Echino base with their respective APIs. To do this, simply go to your settings module to configure your APIs.

Launch speed improvement

We improved the startup speed of the software.

Echino IoT 0.4 Access controller

You are now able to use a barcode reader to check your members on EchinoIoT. We also improved the fail-safe quality in the last firmware.


Echino 1.9.2

New Check-In parameter

You're now allowed to set a timer to close automatically the checkin "card" window

Improved barcode detection

Barcode scanner are now more acurate when scanning a member or an article

Maintaining the order of invoice lines during printing

When you create an invoice it keep the order of the added lines

Printing the daily POS closing (yomani XR PINPAD)

Everyday when you closes your POS it automatically generate a report and sends all the payment from the SIX card system


Echino 1.9.0

Stock management

Echino's stock management allows you to keep an overview of all your merchandise. Prepare your orders, receive them and update your stock quickly in order to have an up-to-date inventory at all times.

Digital contract

You can now activate in your app parameters to allow your employees to add multiple gift cards and rebates to a new digital contract.

Premium members highlight

You'll find in your parameters a new way to highlight your premium members using their credential accesses

Mass tags and contract period offers

Add or remove tags to a set of filtered contact/clients or members. You can also add an offered contract period to a set of members

RFID Check-in

Activate the feature and you can now check your members in with their RFID tags

Echino IoT 0.3 Access controller

EchinoIoT becomes now more powerfull allowing you to choose a schedule whether the entrance should be opened or not. You can also set a main digicode for your entrance if you have a digicode antenna

Speed improvements and bug fixes

Translations corrections, database improvements, Customers photo loading time, Better campain unsubscribing proccess, Postalcode dramatic speed improvement, Bootup time improvement, Bank files importations, and many more...


Echino 1.8.0

Point of sale

Cash in your digital contracts and sell your products with the point of sale.


Echino 1.7.5

ISO 20022

In order to be prepare regarding the ISO 20022 norm we added qr-invoices and camt file support inside echino.


Echino 1.7.0

Member Space

Offer and manage your private member space through echino, directly linked to your website

Shared Calendar

Share an online calendar with all your centers and staff giving you’re a better overview

RFID and secured access

Enhance your company’s security with the new RFID secured login to echino


Echino 1.6.26

New filters and columns

New filter for price type columns and due date,invoice date are now part of INVOICE module columns settings

Add a sponsor to a current contract

You can now add a sponsor to an activ contract


Echino 1.6.22

Generate e-invoices more easily

You can now directly re-generate e-invoices inside a customer contract edition

Upcoming new version of accounting

In order to improve accouting capabilites we are currently updating every customers database to fit the upcoming feature

This month speed improvements

Research inside postal code and city fields are now sped up


Echino 1.6.16

Accouting exportation

Echino can now export all accounting records to Sage very easily


Echino 1.6.0

Printing logs

Access directly the printing log inside the app to see who printed which document at what time


Echino is now in 3 languages : French, German and English

Phone number formatting

Avoid phone number input problems! The new phone auto formatter adapts to all countries and areas to match the correct phone format for home and mobile phones